icon1  What is IoT Manufacture Monitoring?

Smart manufacturing machine system that utilize WIFI for remote monitoring.


By installing IoT Devices, factory machine’s performance & goods produced can be detected & counted. This data are sent over the internet for further processing at the IoT Platform.

icon2 Factory Setting

The feature in the settings are as follows:

buildingBuilding : Data of buildings that stored manufacturing machinery.

machineMachine : Manufacturing machine data grouped by buildings, each building can have a lot of machines.

deviceDevice : Data of IoT Device, generally 1 IoT device are used for 8 machines.

icon3Monitoring The Machine

IoT goes beyond Machine to Machine communication, these devices collect useful data and autonomously flow the data to other devices for remote monitoring.

Report Measurement
check Counter Each machine’s movement counter
check Performance Percentage of comparison between ration achieved with target counter
check Availability Percentage of machine’s work time reduced with down time
Real time monitoring are available with on premise application, meanwhile remote monitoring (optional for owner) need to synchronize the data through internet.
Shift & Target Counter
Set the machine’s time shift and the target counter, reports will be summarized per shift
Treshold Setting
Set the number of movement per 60s to check if the machine’s functioning or not
Fraud Detection Setting
We’ve prepared a feature to prevent & spot data fraud. Comparing the following machine data:
check Standard received data
check Fastest movement speed


icon1  The Benefits of IoT Manufacturing

A factory typically uses various machinery in the production line, can be a collection of standalone units or part of a continuous line. Human labors are required to operate or supervise the machine. Compared to manual operator records, here’s the advantages of IoT for the company:

Benefit for Advantage
Operation Team Data is automatically recorded to the database.
Continuous Improvement Team Remote monitoring of the factory with alarm trigger at the production line to handle Issues.
Engineering Maintenance Team Keep track of each machine’s maintenance logs
Production Planning & Inventory Control Fast calculation of production material usage & depreciation. (useful to prevent future depreciation)
Human Resource Measure operational team performance objectively
Everyone ERP Interface